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Falcon Industrial Marketing offers industrial customer oriented Marketing services in Agribusiness sector & the Exclusive Agritech Expo Conceptualize in East Africa. We are a fast moving-fast growing Marketing Company seeking highly energetic individuals to join our Marketing platforms. We value intelligence, integrity & diligence. We are one of the To-pest professional Marketing & project management & communication company with professional experience in international Exhibition organizing & management. The company has linked with foreign event partners, governmental & nongovernmental organizations which can make our operations so effective.

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Our goal is to contribute to the Ethiopian Agribusiness industry sector where our trade show resides creating import export link, increasing tourism, providing additional tax revenues and bringing worldwide identity through a quality, safe and valuable Exhibitions.
As we have to secure a location fairly quickly in order to book participants and secure date we respectfully request a rapid dissension.

Falcon Industrial Marketing


* Create a professional managed and effective Marketing Meetings.
* Create a unique Expositions identified with (Agritech - Expo & VLP-Expo )
* Establish operational capacity worth of a world class Marketing Platforms.
* Enhance positive marketing exposure to the Industries’
* Ensure protection of event location maintaining superior crowd and ensuring safety for all onsite.

Falcon Industrial Marketing

Exhibition Scope

* showcase the latest developments in Agri Innovations, machinery and technology in all sectors of agriculture and horticulture, whilst helping farmers work together in synergy to develop new ideas and strategies to help their businesses progress, survive and flourish.
* Connecting Farmers with Agricultural technology to add values in their daily lives to increase their efficiency.
* Increasing Farmers income through Technology.
* Minimizing the unnecessary suffering of Farmers in the face of Natural challenges & unconsciousness by using Agricultural innovations & discoveries.
* Empowering the local Agri product export by supporting Farmers to use Agricultural technology system.

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We are linked with foreign event partners, governmental & NGOs which can make our operations so effective.
+251 91 332 3845
Falcon Industrial Markeeting


Ethiopian Investment Commision

EIC has appreciated the program objetcives of the Agri-tech trade show and forum and believes that the exhibition will continue positively toward the gain of the Ethiopian government development priority areas...

Ministry Of Agriculture & Livestock Resource

The Ministry has appreciated the program objective of the Agri-tech Expo and believes that the exhibition will contribute positively towars promoting Ethiopian Agri-Business sector to global market.

Agri-Tech Ethiopia

As we always do! Here we came again by updating ourselves with a unique kind of Marketing version B2B platforms to empower the Ethiopian Agribusiness Industry.